Robert Grosser
Luxury Mortgage

Robert Grosser is President of Luxury Mortgage Corp. He assumed that position on October 1, 2009 pursuant to the merger of the Homestar Direct business platform with Luxury Mortgage. Mr. Grosser began his career in mortgage lending with his founding in 1985 of Ready Funding Corp., a regional mortgage brokerage firm. From 1987-1997 he was CEO of Cityscape Corp, a publicly traded mortgage banking company with operations in the US and UK. In 1999, he launched Homestar Direct, a residential mortgage banker serving homeowners in the Northeast and Middle Atlantic States. Homestar utilized a consumer direct marketing strategy. By combining an expansive consumer database with leading edge mortgage technology, Homestar delivered low cost residential loans directly to homeowners and homebuyers.

Mr. Grosser was a founder and Board member of The Sherpa Group, a Company formed in 1998 with the objective of achieving significant capital appreciation through investment in a portfolio of seed stage high technology start-ups outside the United States. Mr. Grosser was a founding member of the Board of Directors of Wilmington National Finance, Inc. a subsidiary of Wilmington Savings Fund Society, FSB (NASDAQ:WSFS) from its formation until the sale of the company to American General. In August 2000, Mr. Grosser became a lead investor and Director of Realty Data Corp., a company that provides automated property reports and other relevant real estate data in real time via the Internet. The company was sold to National Real Estate Information Services, a leading vendor management firm.

Mr. Grosser is a member of The Strategic Forum, an organization of business leaders from diverse backgrounds dedicated to the exchange of ideas and the facilitation of business opportunities among members and their respective networks. He is a Co-President of the Rockland Federation, a central planning, coordinating and fundraising body for local and international agencies that offer a broad range of humanitarian programs.